Hey there, I am Vasi, and before I have transformed into a Life Coach, I went through quite some transformations by myself.

Values & mission

I believe we are not our physical bodies and our thinking mind - we are something much bigger than that. We are more than our social conditioning and our subconscious programming, and we are here to explore what lies beyond 5 senses of perception.

I support people in reaching their true alignment where a shift in perception from the conceptual narrative to the presence can happen. In this state we access our truth and healing. My role in this process is to lead this transformational journey with unconditional regard, supporting the process with holistic practical tools.

My intention is to meet you at the Wisdom that is the source of true self-knowledge, freedom, inner peace and intimate relationship with the Self and others.

My approach

As a yogi, I strive to deeply embody everything I teach.

My own process of healing the developmental trauma has led me to learning a lot in this field and opened up a new reality I could not conceive of from the wounded state. My methodology has been symbiotically formed by combination of Compassionate Inquiry (Gabor Mate), Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine) and Jungian Psychology. Wisdom of old traditions like yoga and Buddhist meditation were my entry points into transformative unity and now are an inevitable part of my coaching practice.               

My approach is rooted in Presence itself, where context becomes more important than content. I meet my coachees in non-judgement, creating space for empowering insights and inspiration to take you into a deep and exciting journey of self-discovery. Are you eager yet to explore what emerges?


🤲 Presensing-based Inquiry
🎭 Trauma-Informed Compassionate Inquiry
🥲 Emotional Release Techniques
👁Somatic Experiencing®
🌌 Active imagination and visualisation
👂Awareness developing techniques
‍💨 Nervous System Regulation tools and Breathwork
💬 Conscious communication
🍽 Lifestyle design
👓 Focus Enhancing Holistic Methods
📖 Journaling
⏮ Reverse Engineering