Vasi is known for her ability to notice invisible patterns and identify how they are holding someone back,  guiding them to clarity with brutal honesty and tender compassion. 


Her journey to this work began with her own trauma integration process, shedding about 7 skins on the way to integrity she embodies today. Being lead by her own relational blockages, experiences with explosive anger, deep pain of loneliness and chronic health issues, she journeyed through almost all available ways to healing. From books on psychology to psychedelic therapy, from yoga to embodiment work, from meditation to mind rewiring, she harvested the most effective bits from these approaches into the essence of her way of coaching.

“I suspect her to own a spiritual equivalent of a Mary Poppins bag, as she can consistently bring the right tools and pieces of wisdom to any situation” - Jean-Baptisete Dupas, Regenerative Organisation Designer

Today, she mostly guides transformation in long-term 1:1 containers and teaches about Trauma and Resilience in workshops.

“Who Am I really, What do I truly want, and How do I get it?”  are the questions she supports people finding answers with, turning triggers into catalysts and victim state into Integral Power.

She is passionate about supporting people out of limitation into freedom and fulfillment, illuminating their potential and confidence. 

“Unputoutable fire to show up for people and their unharnessed potential!” - Filipe


Vasi’s passion for coaching was born from a sequence of realisations about how she naturally is of most service to people’s deep psychological pains. She traveled dark waters of depression and despair in her 20ies when she lived in Belarus, managing to transcend the suffering through the insight of meditation. Later on, when she moved to Berlin, her migrant journey took her through – as she discovered later - developmental trauma, making her quit her activism and embark on an years long inner exploration, while working as a tattoo artist.

Today she cocreates community based coworking space “Imago”, leading Ritual Domain, while constantly evolving in her work as an integration coach.

“.. every session is peeling off another layer of weight that distracted me from be being myself. And in the external crisis situation I'm facing right now, it feels almost like I can watch myself growing, instead of falling back into my former escape patterns.” - Felix Weith, founder Platform21

“If you’re looking for someone to guide you through the shadowy intricacies of inner transformation, Vasi may just be the light bringer you were waiting for”. - Jean-Baptisete Dupas, Regenerative Organisation Designer