Most of people are trying to create a different life while staying the same.
Well, that's exhausting.

If what’s upsetting you is a view of “how things should be” or there is a feeling of inadequacy or being “not good enough” plays a tape on the background of your mind.. most probably you are dealing with a very old pattern from childhood that you had already established way before you can remember consciously.

To help you recognize where you have these primal constraints and allow you to take the opportunity beyond that is to break free from it,
is to transform,
is my work to you.

The fundamental lie

Have you been trying to change your circumstance because they upset you?

Our culture is built on changing our external environment before we look for the cause of discomfort inside ourselves.
What if it is about a shift in who you are & the way you relate to yourself?

That's the fundamental relationship transformation we will be looking at:
when you really understand the premise for a different identity, that has different thoughts, feelings, and energetics state – embodying it consequently leads to actions and outcomes in your whole life.

It always comes back to relationship with yourself

We only know ourselves and everything around us by virtue of relating:  it is  how we have our experience of anything. 

We all relate to ourselves through some sense of inadequacy, feeling of insecurity and some sense of scarcity – this is our human predicament. From these positions, one can't help but has to compensate and develop coping mechanisms that seemingly help us avoid suffering, but in fact make us linger in it. 

Recognize that the fundamental limitation that you have about yourself is always founded on a fear.

The fear might manifest on the surface might be: “my partner does not appreciate me”, or “my parents never told me that they love me”. Whatever the conscious conversation is, it's about your relationship to yourself which have been triggered at a young age.

You invited to open up this deeper container and reconcile this relationship. You are invited to see your triggers as an opportunity to balance your emotional blocks and transform them into gems. 

You are here for your Evolution.

There is the human game: status, name, cars, houses..
For me the only real game on planet earth that is of value - is our own evolution.
We only get to evolve by virtue of relating to life and seeing where we're not free.

“Life will present you with people and circumstances to reveal where you're not free” – Peter Crone

Your pain and behavior connected to it shows you the parts that are not free.

I invite you to heal this inadequacy: by witnessing it and experiencing the discomfort of your pain, unblocking the emotions suppressed, rewriting the stories that are not serving you..and SO much more!


I work to create deep transformation by uniting mind, body and heart, peeling off armours of fear and poor past conditioning that isn’t serving you to thrive. 

My capacity to catalyze your journey is ensured by my own integration journey that gives mycompassion and presence. I use Embodied Toolkit, Somatic experiencing, Inner Child and Shadow work, Embodied Unblocking touch to serve you on your journey.

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We either learn from pain or from insight.

I am here to transform your learning from painful to insightful,and you are to get good at it.
Are you willing to be impacted?

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