Fragmented pieces integrated into an ever expansive potential

Trauma informed transformative programs and 1:1 coaching for those seeking to live in Truth


Hey there,

I am Vasi, and before I have transformed into a Life Coach, I went through quite some transformations by myself.

Do you find yourself in a crisis of meaning or identity?
Do you feel like life is passing by you without you truly living?
Do you desire to be free but something keeps you small and limited?  

“I honor the place in you in which the whole Universe resides:
of light, love, truth and peace”

My own journey of healing brought me through a decade of learning to become present for life: meditation, psychedelic therapy, yoga, martial and visual arts. Four years as a youth worker in non-formal education and then 7 years as a caring tattooer developed my art of deep connection with people. After another client’s comment about their tattoo session becoming a meaningful transformative experience, I’ve realized that my favorite part of work lies in developing a profound relational connection.

Now I support those who are not satisfied with a superficial way of living to uncover their truth and grow a deeper trust in themselves to allow personal power to manifest.

🔦“I carry a flashlight to shed light on the beauty that hides in the dark,
I hold a mirror to reflect fragments that keep the truth of wholeness cracked.”

I work to create deep transformation by uniting mind and heart, peeling off armours of fear and poor past conditioning that isn’t serving you to thrive. As you grow more conscious in your life, you grow the need to expand and experience deeper day-to-day meaning. I am here to hold space for transition, inspire and keep you awake.

My capacity to catalyze your journey is ensured by trauma informed presence, using tools like Somatic experiencing, Inner Child and Shadow work, Guided meditations and knowledge from neuroscience and Jungian Psychoanalysis.  

I recognise the value of working with the past - that is what makes it possible to experience the present holistically. There are onion layers of the body and psyche being revealed during deep journeys of personal healing and growth we cannot dismiss if we aim for your core truth.
This is how we expose the patterns that operate you and get to the root cause. Insights from this process we’ll translate into actionable steps that create your future.

When you work with me, you work with someone who faces their own challenges. 🪞
Someone who trusts the uncertainty, is comfortable in vulnerability, patient in discomfort and willing to dive deep.

You are invited to experience how fear dissolves and authentic confidence manifests.

Check out my offers if you are ready to embrace wholeness, meaning and clarity.

Need more clarity? Let’s connect truly in a discovery call.

We either learn from pain or from insight.

I am here to transform your learning from painful to insightful,and you are to get good at it.
Are you willing to be impacted?

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What others said


Vasi is a wonderful coach & a healer. She helped me go through intense realisations and conflicts. She held space like a pro for all of my experiences and emotions. I am so grateful to her for the positive visualisation and the subconscious re programming session. It helped me rewire and integrate my inner child. My challenge was a money block and since that day I feel that I have released it. I am experiencing money in a very different way now. Thanks to vasi. The meditation was so good, it allowed me to go deep in myself and heal the part of me in a very loving & compassionate way.

Bhawna Singh

Through powerful visualizations and moments for reflection, Vasi guided me through some of the energetic blocks I’m facing at the moment. By the end of our discovery session, I felt seen, heard, and affirmed, and I had new language with which to regard some very painful memories. Vasi’s kindness and wisdom created a safe container wherein I was able to clearly identify and name my goals for growth, practice reprogramming detrimental narratives I had of myself, and recognize (and trust!) the strength and wisdom I already have.


I am grateful for the chance of having sessions with Vasi and being able to connect to myself on a way deeper level than psychotherapy can offer. A big shift to my self-perception happened after Vasi made me see how language is shaping our reality. She helped me to observe the limiting beliefs that I’ve had and ideas that were not serving me on the way of becoming someone I want to be. Thinking positive and focusing more on what I do want instead of what I don’t is also one of the best valuable insights I’ve gotten on our sessions.


I'm high on life and energy after our encounter: it all began by the perspective opening you allowed me. That and the movement relieved me from some obvious and not so obvious sorry for myself.