Embodied Unblocking

What is EU?

Embodied Unblocking is my personal approach in development that focuses on working with body as the main entrance into your emotions and mind.

Customized amount of 1:1 sessions will provide you with the foundational understanding of your emotional body and how psyche shapes your body posture, gently but intensely guiding you towards release of old accumulated emotional luggage that prevents you from how you want to feel in your life.  


The goal of the approach is to develop a high level of somatic and emotional intelligence for the unique you, that will grant you a conscious access to restoration of the original movement in your system.

Oh, and tools for mastering nervous system resilience are a forever bonus gift you take with!

Why Embodied Unblocking?

 Gnosis, embodied knowing,
the way to know something beyond intellectual way to know.

You probably know that a trauma response helps you to survive incredibly painful moments in your life.
And knowing this makes it even more frustrating  when we cannot stop this habituated protective behaviour from happening..
..be that getting angry and acting out impulsively,
or escaping into your mind when emotion comes up,
numbing out from feeling by leaving the body,
or  running away from an uncomfortable situation avoiding dealing with.

Your response is intelligent!
But it keeps you away from THRIVING. 

Your Body Knows

Your protective patterns of suppression, compartmentalizing and numbing of emotions leads reducing the movement of energy in motion. The more intimately you know your body and emotional landscape, the better you can restore the original movement and activate self-healing.

This method is aiming at regenerating the “original movement” of energy, returning it to smooth, unimpeded flow in your body that is impeded by challenging situations you have been through.

An Embodied Unblocking* is for you if you want to:
- address your current life triggers that activate your nervous system and bring up strong emotional reactions
- tackle old familiar patterns that you either cannot see on your own or fail to change
- connect to your body in unfamiliar ways
- integrate uncomfortable emotions in a safely held space
- receive nurturing somatic release through movement, massage, tapping & other appropriate for you techniques

*This offer is my own approach in development:
It has proved to work and still needs more personal case studies.

Therefore, this offer will stay on a discounted 70 eur/session price until a sufficient amount of case work has been done.

** This offer is available through Circles


• I offer heightened perception, caring support, wisdom from my personal transformation + accountability, actually helping your transformation happen!

• I’ve tested this approach on 15+ people, most of them expressed surprising instant shift and spaciousness inside and came back for more sessions

• I’m a forever learner constantly up-leveling my knowledge and methods to increase my capacity to serve with high quality and efficiency 

• I’m a student of yoga, martial arts, avid dancer, certified Wellness Massage and Embodied Yoga Principles practitioner

Vasilisa Bryhinevich 
Trauma Sensitive Integration Coaching, Roots’n’Wings – Arts of Life