Integral Power:
Restored INTERconnections

What is IP?

is a 10-sessions (4-5 months) holistic coaching program that will guide you through stages of transformation: from your wounds being your master, to them becoming your treasures.
By becoming detectives  of your subconscious, we transform meaning making programs you run on. 
Through emotional work you release and reprogram your subtle foundations.

Through values work & visioning you create an long-term inspired action approach.
By changing your somatic habits, you become the embodiment of Integral Power. Oh, and trust joined with accountability helps to assure your growth is not dropped half way walked…

Why Restore INTERconections?
For about 15 years of my life I have struggled with desperate loneliness, loving relationships and confidence, jumping between helplessness and overdoing.

The many faces of trauma imprint gifted me overwhlem, depression and a LOT of confusion. They led me to fighting the windmills outside of me, recreating unhealthy paradigm of the world we live in, rather then helping to shift it to the one I dream of.

If you are like me,
you know what emotional starvation, numbing or overwhlem feel like.
You experienced the suffering obsessive thinking brings you.
You noticed that meaning you ascribe to things might not be the ultimate truth..

Through a decade of experimental self-healing with diversity of modalities and approaches, I made it to that side of me that feels integrally connected and fulfilled most of the time.

Through studying and guiding transformational processes for others, I was able to extract most universally applicable pillars of it.

This program is this essential learning structured into a step-by-step journey to restoring thelost links with your creator Self.
This Self cultivates sense of integra power to become an embodied (self)leader with higher awareness and ability to experience all spectrum of emotions.
This Integral Power guides you to aligned decisions, serene confidence and harmonios relationships – from within into the world.

Going through all the layers of this journey, you learn how INTERconnected everything is.

By getting to know Thyself truly in this IP program, you restore the harmonious links between mind and emotions, body and spirit, — into your wholeness.

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• If you tend to get stuck in states that feel negative, depressing and lonely
• If you often find yourself “empty” of meaning for fulfilling life
• If you numb out your emotions and are tired of a reduced human experience
• If you are a highly sensitive person who continuosly struggles with overwhlem
• If you struggle in you relationships, getting stuck in repeating relational patterns
• If you want to become an intrinsically empowered creator in your own life and the world


To support change-seekers in rewriting their limiting stories, fostering resilience of their nervous systems, accessing Integral Power and illuminating the path to meaningful service in the new paradigm we then can create together.


• I offer hightened perception, caring support, wisdom from my personal transformation + accountability, actually helping your transformation happen!

• I’ve coached 25+ people who left with knowledge, toolset and embodiment that brought significant changes in their confidence, relationshihps and other life circumstances
• I’m a forever learner constantly upleveling my knowledge and methods to increase my capacity to serve with high quality and efficiency

• I’m an embodiment of healing complex trauma and have true compassion for toughest challenges – because I’ve been to darkest places on my own

Vasilisa Bryhinevich 
Trauma Sensitive Integration Coaching, Roots’n’Wings – Arts of Life

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10 sessions package

(4-5 months Journey)

❖ Below 15k/year: 990 eur

❖ Around 18k/year: 1200 eur

❖ Above 20k/year: 1800 eur


The IP program consists of 9  important steps. Some of them take more space and time, others less, depending on your individual journey. Take this as an orientation.

1) A Noticeable Change: Mastering the Mind

Compulsive, neurotic, and addictive ways of thinking are symptoms of the ego or lower soul stealing away our higher alignment. By inquiring into the habits of your thinking, we will track patterns that are obsessive, harmful or simply unhelpful.

2) Trauma and Emotional Release: Deepening Emotional Wellbeing

Disruption in our emotional body is perhaps the main thing that blocks our evolution. We will be working on resolving what Jungians call a wounded feeling function. In resolving emotional trauma from childhood, we undo this wound, enabling feeling more deeply and genuinely.

3) Slow Down & See: Reflecting Neurotic

Tendencies and Blindspots
Self-reflection is necessary to turn back to understand the present. This reflecting back is challenging in modern times due to the fast pace we tend to run. The drive for achievement and productivity have their place, but they quickly become signs of neurosis.
Being reflected by me and becoming more reflective gives an impulse to more clearly understand yourself and your behavior.

4) A Shift in Priorities and Values

As we are locating authority within ourselves, our values shift (changes our values).
Here, we will develop your personal ethical framework where we evaluate what’s best in the context of the moment. The ego is unable to do this because basic needs drive it; only the Higher Self can.

5) An Inner Vision: Strategically Aligning to the Higher Self

At this stage, we will explore the subtle realm, shifting the external world to the inner realm of thoughts, feelings, dreams, and imagination.

6) An Experience of Inner Freedom: Revisiting Fears and Hidden Insecurities

The ego is our source of fears, desires, and constant tension. When the ego is no longer in control, there’s an inherent sense of okayness—regardless of what’s happening in our lives (good or bad).
The need to judge others and yourself decreases, leaving more space for calm and peace, and liberating the energy for doing from conscious “being”.

7) Maturation to Self-Leadership: Deepening a Sense of Self-Honesty and Responsibility

As you begin to locate more authority within, there’s a willingness to be radically honest with yourself. You simply can’t tolerate self-deception anymore.
Now, you feel a growing sense of responsibility and accountability for your thoughts, emotions, and actions. The last gateway to mature adulthood is guilt.

8) A Change in Lifestyle Choices: Choosing Action Rooted in Insight

Many “normal” things we did before become unacceptable now: You are becoming increasingly more conscious of your lifestyle choices.
Here we are looking at how Ethics – value driven choices – becomes a larger driving force over convenience, and clarifying supportive (effective) ways to incorporate these choices into your structures and embodying them (habits).

9) A Sense of INTERconnectivity: Conscious, Whole and Free

You started this Journey because your ego felt separate, scared and alone.

The Spirit isn’t driven to because it’s already whole and complete right now. So when you feel this completeness or okayness, moment to moment, it’s a good sign of you developing your Spiritual Intelligence.