Rising Stronger Together

Embracing Trauma To Cultivate Resilience

WHAT IS Rising Stronger Together?

RST is a 1,5-2h group workshop that provides foundational knowledge of main trauma aspects and offers interactive practices to get to know oneself and the other in a safe but courageous way.  Focusing on nervous system and meaning making, the workshop leaves attendees with grounded clarity about how trauma affects them and others, giving them tools for vulnerable and trustful reflection for transforming wounds into catalysts for growth and resilience. 


Suffering is a universal human experience, and so is trauma.

Despite trauma awareness raising in the last few years, our society still rewards many pathological behaviors – from numbing to perfectionism – that end up being destructive for both individual and collective.

In the times of great insecurity, how can we change this dis-connecting paradigm as a community?
Can we embrace our painful experiences and alchemize them into our treasures?

We can weather-proof ourselves by building up our resilience.
There is an innate vitality code inside each of us that helps us to grow stronger after a painful hit. Together we can create conditions conducive to post-traumatic growth and thriving.

This group workshop offers a great opportunity to explore how we can grow resilient by cultivating spaces of unconditional positive regard, expanding what is now treated as an “individual therapy case” to a commonly shared practice. 

Let us alchemize our deep pains into our assets!


• to see trauma as a universal human experience
• the two main realms of human experience that are affected by trauma
• to self- and co-regulate
• to experience dealing with your triggers in a safe environment
• how trauma affects meaning making and its impact on your human experience
• to transform our triggers into our expansion catalysts


• individuals who seek for extending healing beyond an individual therapy
• groups and communities who strive to expand their emotional intelligence and collective resilience
• organisations who want to improve internal cohesion and communication capacity by deepening relational intimacy, increasing mutual trust and raising compassionate capacity


Reflecting on a definition of trauma and resilience

Identifying 2 core impacts of trauma on our human experience

Uncovering your unique triggers and its unique gifts

Understanding a simple way to access compassion 

Experiencing learned obstacles and blockages


• I’m an embodied example of healing complex trauma and have true compassion for toughest challenges – because I’ve been to darkest places on my own journey 

• I have 5+ experience of facilitating learning formats of different kinds, mediation and ritual hosting for smaller (5) and bigger (100) groups of people

• I’m a forever learner constantly upleveling my knowledge and methods to increase my capacity to serve with high quality and efficiency 

Vasilisa Bryhinevich 
Trauma Sensitive Integration Coaching, Roots’n’Wings – Arts of Life

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