When you feel overwhelmed, what do you instinctively do to ground down?

When you need to cry, what helps you to release your subdued sadness?

When you want inspiration, where would your body head to?

We are embodied not (only) when we learn a set of skills that make us connected and “somatically intelligent”.

Embodiment is our instinct:

to swim in a lake when we need to cleanse;

for our legs to carry us up the hill when we need a wider perspective and inspiration;

to stop intuitively by a river when we need to grieve..

What do I do when it’s all too-damn -much?

I jump on my bike knowing it will bring me to a tree I can lean against and surrender into nature calming my agitated mind..

What shall be our instinct when all this unbearable weight pressures us as if we shall deal with it all by our own, as an individual?

Our legs shall bring us to the circle of a community, loving guiding hands that hold us through the fire, that breathes with us and let’s us find our way through all of this.. together.

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